It finally hit the 100 million mark. Two years after the US video of Bleeding Love reached more than 100 million views in 2015, another classic Leona song has been Vevo certified! Better in Time was quickly rising in views and today it finally hit the 100 million mark which makes it Leona’s third(!) music video to be certified Silver by Vevo 8 years after it was uploaded. The previous two videos to do this are both versions (US and UK) of Bleeding Love. For those wondering, there’s also a US version of Better in Time but has only 1 million views.

Next video to follow Better in Time’s footsteps

The next video close to being certified is Run (67 million views) but since the song was only incredible huge in UK, it will take a while to get there. Next in line is I Will Be (20 million) followed by I Got You (17 million).